Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs in Southern California

These are the tastiest hot dogs in So Cal!

What is a HulaDog?


A HulaDog is a Hawaiian style hot dog made right here in Southern California at our Newport Beach location. Starting with a polish or veggie dog then surrounded by our secret lemon garlic sauce, tropical fruit relishes and fruit mustards in a totally unique hot dog bun that we toast a hole in from top to bottom. Your choice of Taro Bacon, FBI Honey Wheat, or White buns baked fresh in our store. Island fruits such as Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Banana, Star Fruit, Coconut, Lilikoi and Guava are the main ingredients in our handmade relishes and mustards that are shipped “straight from da Islands”.

HulaDog So Cal has a Hawaiian twist that reinvents the identity of the American hotdog!

The fresh sweetness of tropical fruits is combined with the smooth warmth of our lemon garlic sauces to compliment our delicious polish sausage. In addition, we use our own specially designed toaster to toast a Puka (hole) in the bread from top to bottom. Therefore, not only do we provide a hot dog that is a totally new taste sensation, but one that must be held differently too. Our décor will make you feel like you are eating your hot dog sitting on the beach under a bamboo hut in Hawaii, looking out over our ocean inspired floor. We hope to give our guests a true Hawaiian experience from the minute they walk through the door until they leave still savoring out topically inspired grinds.

Hula Dog has redefined the basic idea of the American hot dog tradition and given it a tropical twist that celebrates the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

Be sure to come in for a hot dog today at our Newport Beach location

How to Order a HulaDog...

How to order a HulaDog
HulaDog Hot Dog Prices

First - Choose a Hot Dog Bun

White FBI Honey Wheat (From Big Island) Taro Bacon

Next - Choose a Hot dog

Polish Hot Dog Veggie Hot Dog

Then - Choose a Secret Sauce

Mild (Original) Medium (Jalapeno) Hot (Chilli Pepper) Hot-Hot (Habanero)

Now - Choose Your Relish and Mustard

Mango Relish Papaya Relish Pineapple Relish
Banana Relish Star Fruit Relish Coconut Relish

Lilikoi Mustard (Tangy) Guava Mustard (Sweet)