About HulaDog SoCal

At Hula Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs Newport Beach our mission is to deliver a unique hot dog experience and to bring back all of your favorite memories of time spent in Hawaii. If you have never been to Hawaii, we’ve done our best to bring you the Aloha spirit that Hawaii represents. Hula Dog is a comfort food that will forever be linked to Hawaii for many of our customers.

At Hula Dog we invest our time and try to impart our knowledge in to our employees preparing them for what lies ahead no matter what profession they end up in. We train our young people to work as a team and to be aware of the needs of our customers. Through our training our staff will gain many skills and traits that will help further them in their journey through life.

Hula Dog® is very concerned with the welfare of the planet, therefore we use biodegradable cups and lids and use non-bleached napkins. Instead of a printed receipt we prefer to it email to you to not waste paper. We try to implement policies that reflect ‘Green’ practices in our standard operating procedures. Caring about the neighborhood and ‘doing one’s best’ is part of the Aloha spirit and we take it to heart.

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